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Coming Soon, Funeral Cars in Alexandria, LA

Coming Soon, Funeral Cars in Alexandria, LA

Coming Soon, Funeral Cars in Alexandria, LA


The average person has trouble getting in and out of limousines that are low to the ground. That's why The Memory Picture Incorporated offers funeral vehicles that are much easier to get in and out of for people of all ages and sizes. The featured 6-door SUV is a new innovation awarded patent number 6666499. Likewise, our limousine funeral coach as been awarded a United States patent 5975607 and is now ready for immediate introduction to a vast and waiting market.

Featuring the 6-Door SUV
This vehicle is designed for safety. A new product for the market, the funeral car is a specialty SUV that acts as a complement to the Limousine Funeral Coach (patent 5975607). We are proud to offer your funeral home 6-door comfort and safety in an SUV, seating up to 15 passengers depending on the specific model.

Introducing the Limousine Funeral Coach
This funeral car is a remarkable new innovation designed for the funeral industry. A unique combination of funeral coach and limousine, it allows the pallbearers and minister to be transported in the same vehicle for a more personal and cost-effective way of travel. We call this limo the 4-in-1, as it rides not only the minister and pallbearers, but also the flowers and casket.

An exceptional new idea, our limousine coach ensures more dignified and private transportation that family and friends will appreciate. This revolutionary new vehicle can be made in any style or size to fit any need within the funeral industry, as the design is simple and uncomplicated. The simplified design also enables the vehicle to be produced at a competitive price.


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