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The Newest Innovations in 6-Dr Vehicles

Some memories last a lifetime, but real memories like this last forever. The Memory Picture Incorporated is dedicated to preserving the memories of loved ones by helping to make funerals a less stressful and expensive experience. We are using our 35 years of experience to provide The Mortuary and Funeral homes with an option that family and friends will greatly appreciate. This unique combination of funeral coach and limousine.  It allows 6 pallbearers, the Minster, deceased casket and flowers to be transported all in the same vehicle. Has been awarded a United States patent (#5,975,607).
The Limousine 4 in 1 and The Sport Utility Vehicle Gasmar Edition United States Patent (#6,666,499) will open up a new and highly profitable product line with unlimited national and international marketing opportunities. The Sport Utility Vehicle Gasmar Edition offering the use of 6-Dr comfort and safety in a SUV.
Who could use this vehicle:
The Funeral Industry, Automotive rental fleets, Military, U.S. Government, Airports,
Railroad Union, Sports events and Tailgaters are just a name of the many uses.
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